5 Things I Learned About Nursing While Playing Candy Crush


5 Things I Learned About Nursing While Playing Candy Crush


You understand what I am talking about. The latest game that’s been sugar level your taste buds. The Candy Crush Saga.

Now, I have to wonder why they need to tag along the word”saga”.

These iconic pictures had certainly made an impact to people who have watched and loved them. And I must say, that the founders of this Candy Crush Saga knew what they were doing when they were designing the match. For those who have jumped onto the Candy Crush train, don’t you all agree that this sport has completely made an impact one way or another in your lives?

As amusing and corny as it may sound. I’ve discovered a few things about nursing whilst enjoying Candy Crush! Yes… silly right?! But for people who have been following my blog, you know that I always attempt to create a relationship with a single thing to another.

  1. “Life is like a box of chocolates.

You never know what you’re gonna get.” – Forrest Gump

Each amount of Candy Crush, however difficult it is keeps you returning again. Wanting you to get to another level and start a second torture. This is so similar to nursing. Do not you think? We all know how demanding this job is but we always return for more. Why is this? Do we really enjoy our jobs, or are we just settling for the status quo?

Just like the amounts of Candy Crush. We like to get into another level to find out whether it is going to bring us cooler boosters or super challenging puzzles. fun88 And as more candy comes down from the very top your smart phone, you simply never know what it will bring you.

  1. Choose Wisely

Boosters or not, Candy Crush has reminded me to select accordingly. Each move you make needs to be thought of. You always need to make a move which can bring you that sweet candies to eliminate the whole row or the candy bomb to wipe out all of the candy of the same colour.

It’s so much like nursing. You assess the patient and pick out the very best nursing intervention to bring out the most desirable outcome For some reason, it reminds me of inserting a three way foley cath and running a Murphy Drip. Cleaning the bladder out, do away with clots, urinate in the same moment. And the saga persists.

  1. Be Patient


You know that Candy Crush includes a lifetime system which will make you want to spend that extra dollar to get a lifetime. Someone has to create the money right? However , if you are patient enough, you can always take a deep breath, then put the game down, and wait for a couple of hours to gain more lives, at no cost. Heck, you have Facebook friends that may donate additional moves for you.

4 Manage your time effectively

So, you are in a level where you have 60 moves to clear out the all the jellies! Before you know it you will find only 4 moves and butt heaps of jellies. Or you have 60 minutes to score 40,000 points! Really? The same as in nursing, you have 2 hours before that following Dilaudid IV for the sickler. And before you know it, 2 hours is gone and its time for the next Dilaudid.

Time flies when you are not ready for it. Time control is so important in nursing that it can throw you off the wazoo when something unexpected occurs. Nurses, you understand, the unexpected always happens. With this said. Plan, delegate, and get rid of all the unnecessary jellies.

  1. Have fun.

I am sure that you had the aim of just purely having fun when you first chose to put in the sport into your smartphone. Keep on doing this. This game is mainly for relaxation, escape from reality, and have a breather minute.

However, what do you think about the background music? As irritating as it may sound, it has a peculiar, opulent, carnival melody which remains on your sub conscious, whistling back for your focus at the middle of night. LOL.

Just like Candy Crush, life is pleasurable, colorful, and sweet.

Candy Crush is an enjoyable saga. Tiffi and Mr. Toffee are always there to cheer us on to the next level. They represent our’Inner Ninja” – gently and patiently giving us the power to move on to our next level in life.

Last but not the least. Stay sweet and be happy.

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