Canis Panther vs Bernese Mountain Dog – Breed Comparison

Canis Panther vs Bernese Mountain Dog – Breed Comparison

Bernese Mountain Pup is started from Switzerland yet Canis Panther is begun from Joined States. Bernese Mountain Pup may grow 6 cm/2 inches shorter than Canis Puma. Bernese Mountain Pup may check 10 kg/22 pounds lesser than Canis Panther. Bernese Mountain Pup may live 4 years not as much as Canis Panther. Bernese Mountain Pooch may have more litter Canis Panther size than Canis Panther. Bernese Mountain Canine needs Moderate Help. Be that as it may, Canis Puma requires Low Upkeep

Central Information

Bernese Mountain Young doggie(Arrangement)

Canis Panther


Social event:

Working little dogs

Molosser dogs

Beginning stage:


Joined States

Stature Male:

61 – 71 cm

24 – 28 inches

68 – 77 cm

26 – 31 inches

Stature Female:

58 – 66 cm

22 – 26 inches

65 – 75 cm

25 – 30 inches

Weight Male:

35 – 55 kg

77 – 122 pounds

53 – 65 kg

116 – 144 pounds

Weight Female:

30 – 50 kg

66 – 111 pounds

50 – 65 kg

110 – 144 pounds


6 – 8 Years

10 – 12 Years

Litter Size:

5 – 15

4 – 6




Diverse Names:

Berner Sennenhund Bernese Steers Young doggie – Berner, Bernese


Shades Available:


Stoop, dim, blue, chocolate or dull


twofold, long, thick

Short and thick





Warm, Accommodating, Neighborly, Fragile, Free, Sharp, Worshiping, Dedicated, Lively, Serene, Social, Troublesome, Sweet

Warm, Mighty, Caution, Splendid, Daring, Curious, Incredible, Neighborly, Self-sufficient, Astute, Vivacious, Treasuring, Dependable, Dynamic, Peppy, Protective, Responsive, Social, Territorial

Getting ready:

Moderate Upkeep

Low Upkeep







Youngsters Pleasing:

In fact

In fact

New Proprietors Pleasant:


In fact

Bernese Mountain Canine (Arrangement)


The Bernese Mountain Canine begins from the Swiss Alps and is one of four separate breeds called Sennenhund or “High field dog”. The Name Bernese Mountain Pooch demonstrates the zone of Switzerland that the mutts begin from – the canton of Bern. These social occasions of mutts ran with the dairymen and herders and they were develop dogs. They pulled trucks, passed on stock from town to town. The Bernese Mountain Little dog was a bit of this social event close by: More conspicuous Swiss Mountain Pooch, Appenzeller,Entlebucher Mountain Canine and the Bernese Mountain Canine. It is in all likelihood clear that the Bernese Mountain Little dog has been a bit of property life in the Alps for over 2000 years.

Canis Puma (Arrangement)

The Canis Panther is a strong, tore dog who has been delivered in the USA amid the 1970s by Scorpio Jones, Michael Stratten, and Lucas Lopez. They mixed the Doberman Pinscher, the Unique Dane the Labrador Retriever and the American Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

This canine hasn’t got a long history, having quite recently been developed in the 1970’s, yet the reproducers required a pooch much like the Doberman anyway somewhat greater and more grounded. It is a pooch breed which is still really cloud in the Brought together States and elsewhere.

wikipedia provide a great knowledge about Canis Panther.

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