Printing Pads

Printing Pads


It is one of the central variables for delivering phenomenal print results. Teca-Print fabricates astounding printing cushions customized to the requirements of cushion printers and sponsored by a qualified group for help. With a promise brilliance, silicon review and cushion shapes are continously assessed and made strides.

Printing cushions are made of silicone and are accessible in distinctive characteristics, structures and hardnesses.

  • Cushion families, silicon types and hardnesses (i.e. durometer)
  • The pad›s ink exchange execution differs relying upon the properties of the silicon.
  • There is an extensive variety of silicon types to look over in request to locate the perfect cushion for every application and to advance the print quality.
  • The hardness of the cushions are estimated in Shore. TecaPrint  utilizes the scale as per the framework 00 Si. The generation resistance is ± 2 Shore 00 Si.
  • As a rule, cushion durometers run from Shore 00 Si (delicate) to 70 Shore 00 Si (hard). In expansion to the nature of the surface and state of the part to be printed, the printing power of the machine and the extent of the printing picture should likewise be taken into thought while picking the best possible cushion durometer. Pad Printing

Quality Standard

The standard group of printing cushions is extremely widespread in their application. Great enemy of static and also hostile to welling properties make the printing of various, top notch pictureswith this cushion conceivable, even the exchange of fine-linedpictures.

Quality blue

The blue group of printing cushions is hard furthermore, appropriate for exceptionally exact print pictures. They are likewise utilized for unique applications, e.g. help prints and are generally well known in the watch business.

Quality StarX

The StarX group of printing cushions recognizes itself with especially great antistatic properties, astounding opposition to mechanical scraped area, as well as flawless ink exchange (i.e. once in a while leaves ink buildup and for all intents and purposes no ink sprinkling). A remarkable element of the StarX printing cushions is that it requires no arduous enactment, and in this manner, they rush to be put into generation.

Quality AreX

AreX printing cushions are portrayed as super dry printing cushions. Just typified oil is utilized, so that no slick buildup stays at first glance after printing. This is a quality, that is regularly required by the gadgets business.The AreX printing cushions have a few persuading highlights including incredible fine-picture exchange, extremely great protection from mechanical scraped spot,upgraded against swelling and great antistatic properties.

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