Gambling Togel and KIM Earn Hundreds of Million Rupiah from Simalungun Residents Every Day

Gambling Togel and KIM Earn Hundreds of Million Rupiah from Simalungun Residents Every Day

SIMALUNGUN , – Gambling types guess the numbers commonly called Toto Dark (Togel) and KIM Hongkong allegedly increasingly stretching in most of the Simalungun region. It is known, the round of withdrawal of Togel numbers takes place every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon, while the types referred to as KIM Hongkong are played every night.

Some of the gambling bookies are increasingly referred to as developing their wings in the districts of Tanah Jawa, Saribu Dolok, Bandar and Sidamanik. Unmitigated, the sales turnover of numbers that promise buyers can be rich in just a few hours, said to have reached hundreds of millions, such as those managed by bookies with the initials SN.

The inquiry to from a number of sources, Monday afternoon (03/11/2019), the city – usually called BD – with the initials SN, is now no longer directly involved in managing the business. SN is said to have entrusted the development of his business to persons with an RJ base to manage the two types of gambling, especially from Panei and Raya Districts. ”

Gambling guess this number is no longer managed directly by SN, but there are some people who believe, like the RJ. In addition to local residents themselves, there are also people from outside the region, “said the source to. The bookies are said to be free to operate because there is no longer heard of anyone being arrested in connection with Togel.

Residents also accused SN of getting ‘backups’ or intentionally ‘maintained’ by certain people, so they could be free to operate for years. “Most of them are Togel bookies and KIM in Simalungun. Free! Because it’s never been arrested. That person is like being immune from the law, because almost never been arrested, “said J Silalahi, a resident of Hatonduhan Subdistrict to via his cellphone on Monday (11/3/2019), around 14.30 WIB According to him, the lottery bookies and large number of KIM in Simalungun are currently SN for Tanah Java, SS and JS in Sidamanik. ”

Those people are the city of Togel and KIM in Simalungun. There is also the TB in Kerasaan, but BD itself (has no network), “he said. The bookie is called he always ‘hiding’ so that it is not known to the public. Like only JS in the Saribudolok area, Silimakuta District, almost every shop there was found by the writer of the lottery. “It was raided. The JS turnover is also large, “he explained.

Javanese police chief Kompol B Panggabean, previously said, his party would not allow any action to gamble lottery and jackpots in its jurisdiction. “I don’t know who SN is and who is DB, ok! If we see it, we catch it immediately and there is no omission of gambling.

We have also ordered to eradicate gambling, “he answered briefly via cellular a week ago. In line with B Panggabean, Saribu Dolok police chief AKP B Pakpahan, when confirmed on Thursday (2/28/2019) then also admitted that he did not know there was a gambling Togel in his can visit this site for more knowledge togel hongkong.

When conveyed the source information regarding the location which was often used as a place of departure for Jurtul Togel, Pakpahan even claimed to be surprised and instead asked which other locations were known in the Saribudolok District Police jurisdiction. “Ohh … there? Where else sir? Let me have the members check into the field, “asked Pakpahan from across the phone. (age)

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