How To List On Ebay: A Beginners Step By Step Guide

How To List On Ebay: A Beginners Step By Step Guide

Listing your first ever item on eBay is a little bit like going to the gym for the first time: you just can?t get past that mental block telling you it?ll be too hard. The good news is selling on eBay is super easy. Read on as I show you how you can get your item listed in 9 simple steps, and earn some cash fast!

Step 1. Log on to  and click the Sell tab which is located on the top right-hand side of any eBay page. If you haven?t already got an account, setting one up is free and easy. Click here to register.

Step 2. Use the What?s it Worth? tool to determine how much you can expect your item to sell for. When you?re done, click Start Selling.

Step 3. Select which category your item will sell under. To do this, you can either browse through categories or enter keywords into the ‘finding a matching category’ search bar and eBay will generate results for you.

For example, if I want to sell a microwave, I?ll type in ?microwave? and eBay will generate a whole bunch of categories which I can choose from. I?ll choose

Countertop Microwaves as that?s the most relevant category for me. Which category you select will determine what options you have next, but you will usually have to:

Step 4. Write a title. Think carefully about the keywords you want to use and remember that great listing titles will not only get buyers interested, they will help to push your listing to the top of potential buyers search results. You can only use 55 characters in your title so use them wisely!

Step 5. Bring your item to life with photos. Photos are super important to making sales on eBay. It?s proven that buyers who have at least 3 photos sell far more than those with less. eBay makes it super easy to upload these. Best of all, it?s free to list your first one.

Step 6. Write an item description. Give as much information about the item as possible. Tell buyers the measurements, condition, faults or imperfections, brand name, age and warranty information. Get some ideas by looking through eBay’s completed listings (under advanced search, on the right of the search tool bar) to see what listing’s were successful and sold (listed in green under completed listings) and which didn’t (listed in red).

Think of a description as an opportunity to ?sell? your item. Show potential buyers how they can use it, how buying the item will solve a problem for them or fill a need they might have.

Step 7. Choose how you would like to sell your item, either as an Online Auction (great for items which have an uncertain value or are in high demand) or as a Fixed Price listing (great for items which are an obvious bargain which you want to sell quickly). Then enter your Starting Price and/or Buy It Now.

If you chose an auction format, select your auction length. You can choose between a 3, 5, 7 or 10 day listing. I recommend a 7 day auction as it gives buyers plenty of time to find your auction and of course, the more people who see it, the more bids you will get!

Step 8. Confirm how you would like to be paid and which shipping options you will offer such as international, overnight courier etc

Step 9. Click List Your Item to post your listing on eBay!

Best Five Ecommerce Agencies Platforms for Small Businesses

Now-a-days, E-Commerce is a very significant platform for small business. There are more online shopping stores as well as dealers and firms selling their products or services on online are increasing every day. This things increase requires of e-commerce platforms. But select the best E-commerce platform is not easy job. The best E-commerce solutions expect on your business products, services, types and hosting.

Here is a list of five best e-commerce platforms for your business website. These all E-commerce platform has many features and choices to create your own online store.


CS-Cart is a standalone web application for managing and building an E-commerce website of any size from a small online store to a virtual shopping mall with many departments and produced suppliers. CS-Cart is the one of the keys to succeed in e-commerce is to have the ideal shopping cart solution that is simple to maintain and easy to integrate.

CS-Cart provides support for a number of payment and shipping methods to offers ultimate convenience for your clients. It includes all the features allowing you to create a successful branded web presence


Magento is the most popular e-commerce CMSs that prides of having over 100,000 users. Magento provides unique solutions based on your business requirements, with enterprise and small business versions. With an extensive variety of choices like built-in shopping cart software, SEO, and product browsing, it is very complete.

One special feature is the capability to improve your website for mobile access, realizing that most people will shop by their Smartphone in the upcoming years. The firm also treats developer certification programs.

Zen Cart

Zen Cart really is free open source shopping cart software, user-friendly, which has more benefit of being quite user friendly, particularly compared to Magento. Zen Cart shopping cart software solution, away from simple to customize, is moreover simple to install. Also, Zen Cart shopping E-commerce solutions also provides clients different options on payment and delivery. It permits bank cards even if  and Pay Pal or from any on the online services anywhere you can personally send your bank card information on the online.


VirtueMart is a privileged shopping cart because it is very customizable. It helps users to view an “on-special” category. It moreover has a currency converter and shipping cost calculator. It is more valuable platform because it permits your clients to view the products in their own language. And with notable flexibility, this site makes accessible, lots of modules, plug-ins and templates.


PrestaShop is one of the most reliable and adaptable open-source E-commerce software. It got 310+ features that includes carefully developed to help business holders in expanding their online sales with try little. Regardless how many product you have, this fantastic admin interface permits business owners simply manage their stock, product listing, set characteristics, sorting of products and much more. And it made product administration so far simpler that never have been before.

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