Naagin 3 spoiler: Can Bela save Mahir from Sumitra’s trap

Naagin 3 spoiler: Can Bela save Mahir from Sumitra’s trap

In the ultimate episode of Naagin 3, Sumitra became visible speaking to her huzoor, a spiritual form. She tells him that Bela has no clue that her humans are towards her. She further tells the guru that now Bela will return with the naagmani. Bela confesses her love for Mahir and tells that Vikrant who she loved the maximum additionally betrayed her. She then takes naagin avatar and Mahir gets taken aback to see her.

Mahir who regains his lost reminiscence confesses his feelings for Bela and accepts her the manner she is. Mahir gets to recognize approximately Sumitra’s evil aspect and supports Bela in her combat. Properly, the makers of the display have stored their audiences hooked to their supernatural display with their storyline. Live tuned for extra updates on Naagin three.

Closing week in Naagin, we saw how Bela decides to give up herself to a masked man who was looking to get data from Bela, which she refused to let him realize. Because of her silence, the man selected to punish her by using burying her and burning the ground of an underproduction constructing. Fortuitously., the fireplace brigade changed into passing by way of and one of the firemen, Krish, risked his lifestyles to store Bela, who become a look-alike of Mahir.

Bela becomes hospitalized as she had turn out to be unconscious by way of the smoke in advance, and confronts Krish once she regains awareness. She reveals Krish appearance alike Mahir and faints while Krish takes her again to the health center. Bela calls Krish through the name of Mahir, while he explains Bela that he wasn’t Mahir, despite his call changed into Krish.

Krish confronts Bela and asks her who those humans have been, which makes Bela irritated as she became trying to ignore the situations. Vish and Vikrant come to Bela, even as Krish comes out and receives shocked to look, Krish. Vish hugs Krish, who misinterprets Krish to be Mahir. Bela explains Vish that he was Krish and no longer Mahir, at the same time as Vish and Vikrant were nonetheless greatly surprised to see Krish look exactly the same as Mahir did.

Krish receives worried in combat with few goons who attempted to prevent his automobile, while we see Krish having a variety of electricity, who fights all of the goons on my own but receives hit on his head through the only who comes from behind and receives beaten seriously. In the meantime, Krish becomes unconscious and Vikrant’s protects him by way of fighting the goons.

Vish indicates they take Krish with them as leaving him alone wouldn’t be right. They take Krish to their domestic, wherein Kuhu and Andy get taken aback seeing Krish, at the same time as Vish explains to them that he changed into now not Mahir however a look alike. While Andy and Kuhu warn Bela to make certain that he turned into reality and now not someone sent by Sumitra when Bela explains that he became real as he came to save her and not kill.You can read more Naagin 3 about for more info.

Sumitra gets determined to seize the naagmani from Bela and tries the whole lot to get it. She plans to harm her elder son Vikrant so one can get the naagmani. Sumitra is supported via Rohini, Alekh, and Yuvraj who promises to grab naagmani from Bela.

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